New products from Alarm Trade company – the manufacturer of Pandect and Pandora vehicle security systems:

PANDECT X-1700 - ultra-compact GSM CAN-bus car alarm system combined with immobilizer 

pandect x-1700pandora propandect x-1700

System distinctive features:

  • New IS-760 active tags with improved water and shock resistance
  • Built-in keyless OEM immobilizer bypass feature for most modern Mitsubishi, Toyota/Lexus, Dacia, Kia/Hyundai and Honda cars
  • LBS positioning – approximate car location detection using GSM station signals
  • New web service and new Pandora Pro (iOS) and Pandora Online (Android) mobile application support. 


PANDECT X-1100 MOTO - premium GSM/GPS motorcycle alarm system 

pandect x-1100 motonav-03pandect x-1100 moto

System distinctive features:

  • The alarm allows user to control a motorcycle from any phone: arm and disarm the system, switch anti-hijack on or even start the engine. Motorcycle owner can check alarm status from any location in the world, where phone is available.
  • Fully automatic operation – there is no need to do anything to arm or disarm the alarm, the owner just have to have an active tag in his or her pocket. Alarm can be also controlled using original motorcycle buttons or handles, buttons on the active tags or OEM remotes (on some BMW motorcycle models).
  • High quality shock, movement and tilt sensors based on a built-in high quality 3D accelerometer.
  • NAV-03 GPS/GLONASS receiver included. Approximate car location detection using GSM station signals if GPS signal is not present.


PANDORA VS-22d - high quality two-zone microwave sensor. 


pandora vs-22d

Use of this sensor in combination with Pandora DXL39xx/5000 alarms allows quick and easy sensitivity adjustment using Alarm Studio PC software, smartphone app or internet service.