TYTAN DS450 CAN bus interface

Name:TYTAN DS450 CAN bus interface
Price:78.00 EUR.
Installation price:from 33.00 EUR.



TYTAN DS450 interface helps to install 2 way car security or tracking systems in cars with CAN-bus. The interface is a microprocessor based device for acquisition of various signals from vehicle CAN-bus network. The signals are: door, trunk and bonnet switches status, ignition switch status, lock / unlock commands of OEM remote control, OEM alarm detection, and more. Moreover in certain vehicles, the device can control the vehicle electric systems via transmitting CAN bus signals to the car, it can operate the central door locking system, release the trunk, control the hazard lights and roll-up the window.

Main features of TYTAN DS450:

  • 2 high current positive outputs (programmable)
  • 2 inputs / low current positive outputs (programmable)
  • 8 inputs / low current positive / negative outputs (programmable)
  • detection of can-bus status signals
  • CAN bus hazard lights, windows roll-up and central door locking control(applicable to some car models)
  • very small dimensions
  • configuration and upgrade of the firmware via USB and free PC software


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TYTAN DS450 CAN bus interface