Name:TYTAN DS512
Price:190.00 EUR.
Installation price:from 120.00 EUR.


TYTAN DS512 - GSM/GPS/CAN-bus car alarm system

Main features of DS512:
The DS512 was designed to operate as a complete CAN-bus security system integrated in a single unit with a GSM-SMS pager. It can be equipped with external GPS module that allows to check the vehicle localisation. The DS512 can be controlled with SMS commands sent from any mobile phone or using Andoid application. It can also operate as GSM-SMS Pager (with optional GPS) monitoring any Vehicle Security System already installed in the vehicle - either CAN basedOEM VSS or aftermarket VSS.

  • GSM-SMS pager integrated with CAN-bus Vehicle Security System central unit,
  • alarming state signalisation with SMS messages in GSM network,
  • external GPS receiver (optional),
  • remote (SMS) control of VSS and remote access to VSS trigger source memory,
  • iOS/Android application for DS512 control 
  • valet mode (service mode),
  • operation mode as GSM-SMS Pager monitoring of OEM security system via CAN bus,
  • operation mode as GSM-SMS Pager monitoring of any analogue security system already installed in the vehicle,
  • operation mode as standalone Vehicle Security System with CAN-bus connection to vehicle electronic systems is armed/disarmed with OEM remotes or SMS commands,
  • additional remote controls (optional)
  • Joker tokens for adding immobilizer feature (optional)
  • VSS: signalisation if door / trunk / bonnet is open during arming (door ajar),
  • VSS: signalisation if the alarm was triggered during disarming,
  • VSS: CAN-bus control of hazard lights, central door locking, power windows on some vehicle models,
  • VSS: additional sensors input
  • vehicle interior protection with ultrasonic motion detector (optional),
  • vehicle towing  and wheel theft protection with additional tilt sensor (optional),
  • VSS: arming without additional sensors,
  • VSS: state of the system is stored in non-volatile memory and is saved during power-off,


User manual 

Android application download from Google Play

Supported car list 12.2014


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