Name:TYTAN DS410-C
Price:97.00 EUR.
Installation price:from 88.00 EUR.


The TYTAN DS410 car alarm is considered to be the most modern TYTAN alarm, designed for all modern vehicles equipped with Controller-Area Network (CAN-bus). TYTAN DS410 car alarm provides with all the essential built-in functions needed to protect your car, as well as with a number of additional functions designed to improve comfort of the vehicle operation. The car alarm can be controlled by factory remote control (OEM remote transmitter) in addition to TYTAN remote control.

If you wish to use additional TYTAN remote transmitters the optional DS410 radio frequency module needs to be equipped. 

Anti thieft protection can be increased by adding optional Joker immobilizer module

Main features of TYTAN DS410-C:

  • door / trunk / bonnet open warning when arming
  • signalisation if the alarm was triggered when disarming of the system
  • trunk release button logic
  • state of the system is memorised in non-volatile memory and is preserved during power-off
  • system can be armed without ultrasonic motion detector and additional sensors e.g. shock sensor. the reason of 5 previous alarms is kept in system memory
  • coded emergency override procedure (without remote transmitters)
  • REARMING feature - if the VSS was armed and neither doors nor trunk would be opened within the specified time after disarming, it would be treated as accidental operation. The VSS reacts, by arming again
  • detection of OEM security system alarming (applicable to some car models)
  • CAN bus hazard lights, windows roll-up and central door locking control (applicable to some car models)

Supported car list 12.2014

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