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The TYTAN DS300-RU is a high quality car alarm for vehicles with a central lock remote control. This alarm can also be controlled by TYTAN remote transmitters. No need for an additional remote control makes this car alarm very popular among customers. Failure-free and long-term operation is guaranteed by specialized software for every car make.

TYTAN DS300-RU car alarm has two ignition locks (internal and external). Individually programmable emergency disarming PIN system allows to reach the destination even in case of the factory remote control damage.

The car alarm can be controlled by factory remote control (OEM remote transmitter).

Features of TYTAN DS300R:

  • central lock control
  • internal ignition lock
  • anti-burglary function
  • anti-hijacking function
  • "panic" function
  • sunroof and windows closing
  • coded emergency system disarming
  • additional sensor input
  • external wireless notification output
  • built-in ultrasonic sensor
  • immobilizer
  • adjustable comfort function time
  • adjustable central lock impulse mode
  • input polarization defining
  • open door signalization
  • intelligent self-arming
  • memory of the last three alarm sources
  • maintenance-free anti-burglary function
  • garage mode option (identifies when the car is in the garage)
  • electronic indicators protection
  • alarm activation without additional sensor activation
  • external ignition lock output


Supported car list 09.2013

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