PANDORA DX-40R car alarm

Name:PANDORA DX-40R car alarm
Price:212.00 EUR.
Installation price:from 175.00 EUR.


2-way remote/automatic engine start car alarm with integrated CAN bus controller for easy connection to modern cars

System features:

  • 2-way remote control with OLED display
  • Separate buttons for arming and disarming
  • 16 melodies and vibration for different car alarm events
  • Dialogue code with individual 128 bit encryption key
  • Possibility to control the alarm using OEM remotes and keeping pager feature
  • Additional fully functional 3-button remote without LCD (option)
  • 10 independent alarm zones
  • 2-way remote button press confirmation by vibration
  • 1.5 V AAA battery provides up to 6 months of 2-way remote operation
  • Battery status indication
  • Clock with alarm function
  • 2-way remote and main unit clock synchronization for precise alarm event time report
  • Remote or automatic (time or temperature activated) engine start option
  • Built-in OEM immobilizer bypass module for most modern vehicles (no need to leave a key in the vehicle)
  • Passenger compartment temperature indication
  • Car battery voltage control and indication
  • Remote shock and movement sensor sensitivity adjustment
  • 2-way remote receiving range – up to 1800 m in line of sight, 300 – 650 in a city
  • 10 last alarm event memory with event time indication
  • Automatic in-range control
  • Programmable emergency disarming PIN code
  • Built-in high quality 3D accelerometer for shock and movement detection
  • Separate trunk and hood inputs
  • Integrated CAN controller allows to receive digital signals from CAN network of modern cars and to control such systems, as central door lock, electric windows, hazard lights, etc., using the same CAN network
  • Double unlocking option
  • Arm with running engine mode
  • Automatic arming option
  • Dome light delay 



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PANDORA DX-40R car alarm