Name:PANDECT X-2050
Price:503.00 -20% discount EUR.
Installation price:from 140.00 EUR.


PANDECT X-2050 - premium GSM alarm system with 2-way remote control 

  • Compact GSM CAN bus car alarm system with 2-way remote and remote engine start module
  • Alarm set includes one 2-way remote and one 2.4 GHz active tag which can be used for disarm authorization, alarm control and immobilizer feature deactivation
  • Built-in GSM module informs car owner about alarm status via SMS or voice calls and allows to control the alarm from any phone
  • Alarm allows to switch on OEM additional heater or start engine from any phone or 2-way remote
  • Alarm set includes RMD-8 engine start module with engine temperature sensor
  • Built-in keyless OEM immobilizer bypass system for most Mitsubishi, Toyota/Lexus, Dacia, Kia/Hyundai and Honda cars.
  • LBS – approximate car location detection via GSM
  • Optional GPS/GLONASS receiver NAV-03 connection option for precise car location
  • Built-in 3D movement and shock sensor
  • 12 trigger zones
  • Central door lock, window, hazard light and other car system control via CAN bus
  • Up to three optional RR-100 radio engine disable relays for extra anti-thief protection
  • Advanced dialogue code signal encryption between the main unit, active tag and 2-way remote
  • Ultralow power consumption
  • Optional anti-hijack feature
  • Individual PIN code emergency override


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