Name:TYTAN DS200-P
Price:66.00 EUR.
Installation price:from 98.00 EUR.


TYTAN DS200 car alarm belongs to the most popular TYTAN car alarms due to its reasonable price and good quality. Basic functions of TYTAN DS200 allow to protect the vehicle from intruders. The car alarm is also equipped with a built-in lock and an output for an extra sensor (ultrasonic sensor, GUARDIAL digital tilt sensor, etc.). Any kind of TYTAN remote transmitters can be used with DS200.

Features of TYTAN DS200P:

  • central lock control
  • internal ignition lock
  • "panic" function
  • sunroof and windows closing
  • coded emergency system disarming
  • additional sensor input
  • adjustable comfort function time
  • adjustable central lock impulse mode
  • open door signalization
  • memory of the last three alarm sources
  • garage mode option (identifies when the car is in the garage)
  • electronic indicators protection
  • alarm activation without interior protection activation (optional ultrasonic sensor disabled)


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