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GSM/GPS micro alarm for motorcycles

  • Pandect X-1100 moto GSM/GPS alarm system is specially developed for motorcycle protection. The alarm allows user to control a motorcycle from any phone: arm and disarm the system, switch anti-hijack on or even start the engine. Motorcycle owner can check alarm status from any location in the world, where phone is available.
  • NAV-03 GPS/GLONASS receiver, which comes with the alarm allows motorcycle owner to get precise motorcycle location via SMS with Yandex Maps link.
  • Pandect X-1100 moto is controlled by small 2.4 GHz active tags. The operation is fully automatic – there is no need to do anything to arm or disarm the alarm, the owner just have to have an active tag in his or her pocket. Alarm can be also controlled using original motorcycle buttons or handles, buttons on the active tags or OEM remotes (on some BMW motorcycle models). Dialogue code interchange with individual 128-bit encryption keys is used for communication between the main unit and the active tag. This virtually eliminates the possibility of electronic trespassing.
  •  The alarm controls eight independent zones: under the seat compartment, trunk, additional luggage compartment, brake, clutch, shock sensor, movement sensor, tilt sensor. The latter three sensors are based on a built-in high quality 3D accelerometer. Alarm will call and send SMS to pre-programmed owner phone numbers if any of these zones will be triggered.
  • A special motorcycle ant-hijack function was developed for Pandect X-1100 moto. For the safety reasons, it disables engine only if motorcycle is standing still or moving on a very small speed. 
  •  Alarm system’s main unit is very compact and power consumption is very low. Moreover alarm is equipped with voltage control feature and will warn motorcycle owner about low battery voltage and even can start the engine to charge the battery.


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