LAUNCH Crecorder 4.0

Name:LAUNCH Crecorder 4.0
Price:39.84 EUR.


A sporadic error is the nightmare of all diagnostic professionals, so that such errors can be diagnosed easily, LAUNCH has designed the data recorder "CRecorder" for you. Simply plugged in to the diagnostic interface, it records and stores all OBD data from any existing errors. The data are recorded during the drive and can delivered after to the associated program on a PC. Analyzed in a tabular or graphical form.

His ability to recover data from OBD II and EOBD vehicles to record up to 24 hours and its compact design make the C-recorder to a kind of Diagnostic Black Box. Therefore it is particularly in the search for sporadic errors around the engine management system a useful addition to a full diagnostic device. Just plug in and start driving!

Functions at a glance:

  • Plug-and-play tool with compact design automatic recording without exposing the user
  • User-friendly menu navigation and data display
  • USB Port
  • Collection and recording of data for the last 24 hours
  • Connecting OBDII / CANBUS (16 pin)

Supported protocols:

  • EOBD-ISO 14230KPW
  • CANBUS: ISO15765

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LAUNCH Crecorder 4.0