Jaltest ETM II

Name:Jaltest ETM II
Price:883.00 EUR.


ETM II is a JalTest software additional module used to verify the EBS brake modules, brake pad wearing sensors and ABS/EBS speed sensors of commercial vehicles. Just as with Jaltest, it is a dynamic tool that is continually evolving, that is why it will be updated three times per year.


The equipment of this new tool consists of a suitcase that comprises the different cables for the diagnosis of Knorr and Wabco EBS modules, as well as the interface cable and the Jaltest ETM software. Cables for brake pad wearing sensors and ABS/EBS speed sensors can be purchades separately (see price list)

How to use it

Connect Jaltest Link directly to the EBS module or sensor using the available electrical connectors (the connector to use depends on the brand and generation of the EBS module or sensor).
Enter the reference of the module/sensor you wish to check and follow the instructions of the application.
In a few minutes and in an easy way, you will know for sure whether the EBS module or sensor is working properly.


Within this second version, the Jaltest ETM tool covers a wide number of EBS brake modules references from Knorr and Wabco, Knorr brake pad wearing sensors and most ABS/EBS speed sensors.

Additional info can be found on Jaltest website

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Jaltest ETM II