LAUNCH Pro Printbox

Name:LAUNCH Pro Printbox
Price:220.00 EUR.


A sleek and ergonomic printer to go for your X-431 PRO / PRO 3 / PAD II. Print codes and their definitions, along with Live Data, coding information and relearn procedures – any screen that has a “Print” button can now be printed! It fits right in your pocket and makes printing fast and easy!

No PC printer necessary for printing

Print codes, code definitions, module information, Live Data, coding information, diagnostic procedures…

Autoload & feed printer design

Highly portable, sleek, ergonomic & lightweight design

Rechargeable lithium ion battery – lasts days on a single charge

Automatic battery charge indicator

Including form fitting storage box (packaging), 2 pcs. thermal paper, connector cable & charger


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LAUNCH Pro Printbox