Price:260.00 EUR.


The BST-12 battery system tester with integrated printer offers a complete solution for testing all 12 Volt batteries and related electrical systems and gives the report to customers. The integrated printer provides an easy service documentation. The printing sequence is clear and quick, with a completed printout in just seconds.

In addition to Battery test, it tests the car electrical system as well. Including ground test, starter test and alternator test

Features & Benefits

  • Intelligent: It detects and removes surface charge if any,before proceeding to perform tests for better results
  • Accurate: Consistent and accurate test results
  • Fast: It takes less than 3 seconds to obtain not only the values but also result summary
  • Direct: Testing is done on the battery whether it is on or off the vehicle, with integrated thermal printer
  • Safe: It does not create spark during clamping or wrong connection to the battery while performing test
  • Maintenance Free: No internal batteries required. It powers up when connected to the battery posts during testing and it never discharges or drains the battery

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