NEOLINE X-COP 9100S GT dash camera and police radar detector combination

Name:NEOLINE X-COP 9100S GT dash camera and police radar detector combination
Price:588.00 -30% DISCOUNT EUR.
Installation price:from 25.00 EUR.


NEOLINE X-COP 9100S – unique dash camera and police radar detector combination

Dashboard camera features:

  • Ambarella processor, matrix SONY  and optics of 6 glass lenses can capture Full HD video 1920*1080 at 30 frames per second with detail 20 MB/s, both day and night – even when you turn off the headlights
  • Viewing ANGLE 135º. Wide viewing angle 135º allows to cover up to 5 travel lanes with no image distortion
  • Built-in GPS receiver provides additional information, such as car coordinates and speed, to the recorded video.
  • Motion sensor and G-sensor 
  • Device supports 2 microSD class 10+ cards up to 128 Gb (not included)


Radar detector features:

  • GPS database of speed control devices. This device has an integrated GPS module for detecting police radar points previously saved in the GPS database. Updated radar bases are available at every 2 weeks. User can add their own speed camera locations with few clicks
  • Intellectual “average speed camera” detection. Device advises you speed limit while passing controlled area
  • Built-in high-sensitivity EXD Plus radar detection module ensures police radar detection range of up to 2.5 km.
  • Protection from VG-2 and Spectre 4 radar detector detectors
  • Most of modern police radars are detected (GATSO, MultaRadar CD, X, K, KA and Laser bands). Each band or entire radio module can be switched on or off
  • Hot button combination for fast radar detection module switch on/off
  • Automatic band setup depending on the region of use.
  • 5 sensitivity modes, including unique X-Cop auto mode, where sensitivity is automatically adjusted depending on car speed


Common features:

  • Display: 2,0'' IPS LCD
  • User friendly Easy Touch Plus interface for both dashboard camera and radar detector
  • Built-in 220 mAh battery for emergency video recording with disconnected external power supply
  • Dashcam dimensions: 94x73x46 mm


Additional information:

Product page on NEOLINE website (EN)

User manual (EN)

Detection of police Skoda Octavia in Latvia:

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NEOLINE X-COP 9100S GT dash camera and police radar detector combination